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Founder Tom sitting on the back of a landrover
Tom Sproull
Founder + Senior Engineer

Loves working on cool new projects, in whatever capacity required. Scratch golfer + coffee addict.

Claire Short
Head of Operations

Digital strategy guru. Incredibly well organised and ensures work is always delivered on time.

Claire Short
Head of Operations

A big picture thinker who ensures that we always deliver work that far exceeds expectations.

Tom Cattini
UI/UX Designer

A design visionary. Loves white space and making things perfectly line up. Giant (6"5) + wannabe golfer.

Sam Hinchcliffe
Jack Leighton
UI/UX Designer
Lydia Cooke
Content Creator
Ryan Harris

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Our Journey So Far

The Spydr story to date.

January 2018
Founder Tom builds a website for his Grandpa's rowing club (AB Severn) whilst still at school. With zero coding experience or lessons, this was a very steep learning curve.
February 2018
The rowing club needed emails, hosting and a domain too. Tom had no experience, but taught himself the basics, configured a server and soon had a bootstrapped setup live.
March 2018
After a successful first project (but with still no revenue), a local business approached Tom do build a micro-site and provide the same services. Spydr was registered as a business.

16th March 2018 - Spydr Web Designs Ltd Incorporated

Founder Tom sitting on the back of a landrover

"I had always dreamt of running my own business but hadn't known what I wanted to do. Mum and Dad didn't understand it and if I'm honest, in the beginning I'm not sure I did either!"

Tom, Founder of Spydr

September 2018
Tom goes to the University of Nottingham to study Human Geography with Economics. Whilst there, he specialises in digital platforms and the changing nature of marketing to incorporate new tech.
December 2018
Spydr lands 3 clients. Tom realises he needs design help and (confusingly) brings another Tom (Cattini) onboard as Creative Director.

"I love great design and exciting projects. Tom (Sproull!) was doing the techie side of the business that went straight over my head at the time... it clicked and we aligned forces."

Tom Cattini, Creative Director

April 2019
🎂 Birthday
Spydr's 1st Birthday. 9 projects completed and published.
May 2019
'Spydr Web Designs' is rebranded to just 'Spydr' to reflect the plethora of services we now offered beyond web design.



A kickass digital studio delivering awesome results.

July 2019
The digital services arm of our business grows by 12,576% in one month.
December 2019
After consulting on some larger external projects, Spydr is exposed to the power of ecommerce. With his geography + environmental hats on, Tom starts Cove - a sustainable clothing brand with big ambitions.

This forces Tom to take his dev skills to the next level and add full ecommerce functionality. Doing so is an entirely new realm of digital offering and has been a fundamental part of Spydr's services since.

June 2020
Whilst looking after all of Spydr's existing clients, Tom and Tom focus all their attention on launching Cove with a  comprehensive marketing campaign; from email automations to producing content and from designing products to screen printing.
Founder Tom sitting on the back of a landrover

"Launching Cove was an incredible experience and remains a key interest of mine. More than anything, it taught me the power of digital, ecommerce and clever marketing campaigns which drastically elevated my ability to deliver for my Spydr clients.

Tom, Founder of Spydr

December 2020
Spydr hits 20 clients and now provides digital services (emails, hosting + marketing) for all of them. Digital infrastructure is doubled and improved.
February 2021
Standing out online is proving increasingly difficult. To provide epic content to our clients, we built up a network of creators and models across the country. Called Nomad, we launched a swanky new website, however the sub-brand integrates directly into Spydr.
March 2021
🎂 Birthday
Spydr turns 2. The business grows by 197% YoY. 25,000 emails are now sent through our servers every month.
October 2021
We move into our first office! Located at the Ingenuity Lab of the Haydn Green Institute in Nottingham. We're so obsessed we find excuses to work late... even the coffee isn't bad.
April 2022
We acquire spydr.com from a silicon valley startup and persuade them to rebrand. We move our website and migrate our emails to reflect our new domain.
September 2022
Free from University, Tom goes full-time with Spydr.
Founder Tom sitting on the back of a landrover
The Rest?

We can't wait to find out what comes next.


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