October 9, 2022

Custom Web Design vs Templates

It's a Question of Quality

Using a template builder or cheap agency may seem like it will save you money, but in the long run it will almost certainly cost you money.

As the digital world has become increasingly accessible, an ever expanding array of 'digital agencies' have arisen. Many promise to deliver websites within a matter of days and for less that £250. However, these new companies have somewhat tarnished the phrase 'digital agency' and are actually offering an entirely different service.

Having an effective website have never been more important. At Spydr all of the products and services we build are entirely bespoke and tailored to our client. Our team take the time to understand the client and their business in order to craft the most effective end product possible. From innovative design to intricate animations, we deliver a premium service that stands out from the crowd.

Our synergy allows us to deliver innovative and bespoke solutions in a matter of weeks. We work succinctly in an effective manner as to ensure we remain on time and avoid any unnecessary project bloat. Furthermore, our support team are available 24/7 to assist you in anyway possible.

So What Would You Get Elsewhere?

Far too many websites nowadays are 'flipped'. Generic website templates can be bought cheaply online, content updated and sold to clients unaware that they are getting a poor product. Not only are such websites generic but they are often glitchy and slow. Moreover, these website often run on outdated website builders such as Wordpress or Droopal. If things go wrong, often there is no support available and if there is, it comes at a premium. All in all, the paying customer receives a poor quality, hard to update, template website which is identical to other sites out there.

How About Template Builders Like Wix & Squarespace

Website builders are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses. The technology is improving and for those looking to simple provide contact information via a website, it can work. However in this digital era, your website is pivotal to your success. It is a worthwhile investment to ensure it is done properly and professionally.

However, for anyone serious about their digital presence, such website builders can seriously hinder potential.

Bad For Seo

Flash based website builders are tasked with creating the meta-data behind your site. This is often hard for search engines to crawl and results in your website being ranked lower in Google.

Furthermore, Google prefers websites that are unique. Using the same template as thousands of others can result in poor SEO.


To the same extent, having a unique, intuitive website can vastly elevate your brand perception. If ten brands had exactly the same online presence, they lose character and brand awareness. Having a epic website and associated digital presence, is a must and it must be done properly.


Finally, unlike our turbo-charged products, websites built by templates almost always return slower load times; often due to the amount of plugins or 'iframes' necessary to patch a website together. At Spydr we never take shortcuts. Our streamlined custom code ensures your site loads as fast as possible by pulling everything from one turbo-charged location.


We pride ourselves on delivering a fantastic service. Our innovative team deliver high quality, award winning products to clients in a wide variety of industries. Bespoke products stand out from the competition and add tremendous value to the brands we work with. We utilise a global infrastructure to deliver digital content as fast as possible and are always available to support our clients when necessary.

There are other solutions and other agencies available that can provide outstanding results. However, with Spydr you can be confident that our team will deliver fantastic bespoke products on time that will set you apart from the competition.

Tom Sproull
Director, Spydr
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