Sprints ensure that work gets done super-fast.

Uncertainties are inevitable when when launching new products or projects. That's where we come in - strategising, executing, and pivoting to seize every opportunity in focused Sprints.

What are Sprints?

Simply, sprints are short, tightly scoped pieces of work.

Max 5 days

Tight deadlines increase focus + decrease inefficiencies

Tight brief

Reduce scope creep and potential for missed deadlines

Project Piece

One sprint is often a chunk of a larger project delivered

Launch ready

No further revisions needed, all work delivered 100% ready

How Sprints work

We've streamlined our process to be as efficient as possible. We keep meetings to a minimum and work quickly to deliver quality work.

1. Kick off

Ensure that we fully understand what is to be delivered. Final scope document agreed + signed off.

2. Let the magic happen

Here is where we get to work. We'll divide the tasks up in-house to best fit our individual expertise.

3. Review + Sign Off

Following an internal review, we'll send over and present our work for your sign off.

4. Launch / Publish

After any necessary amendments, we'll complete our launch checklist and on your say so, hit the go live button.


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