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Sprints ensure that work gets done super-fast.

Delays, excuses and scope-creep are things of the past. We can't stand inefficiency and can't bear when deadlines are missed. That's why we solely operate our projects with Sprints.

What are Sprints?

Simply, sprints are short, tightly scoped pieces of work.

Features of Sprints

Max 5 days

Tight deadlines increase focus + decrease inefficiencies

Tight brief

Reduce scope creed and potential for missed deadlines

Project Piece

One sprint is often a chunk of a larger project delivered

Launch ready

No further revisions needed, all work delivered 100% ready


How Sprints work

We've streamlined our process to be as efficient as possible. We keep meetings to a minimum and work quickly to deliver quality work.

Step 1

Kick off

Ensure that we fully understand what is to be delivered. Final scope document agreed + signed off.

Step 2

Let the magic happen

Here is where we get to work. We'll divide the tasks up in-house to best fit our individual expertise.

Step 3

Review + Sign Off

Following an internal review, we'll send over and present our work for your sign off.

Step 4

Launch / Publish

After any necessary amendments, we'll complete our launch checklist and on your say so, hit the go live button.

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